Capitol Campus Tour

Capitol Campus Tour (In Video at 0 seconds)

The Capitol Campus encompasses 16.5 million square feet of office space, and 450 acres of grounds. More than 30,000 people work on Capitol Hill and nearly 3 million visitors tour the Capitol each year. The Architect of the Capitol is responsible for the stewardship of more than 30 buildings and leased spaces located both on the Capitol Campus in Washington, D.C. and in remote facilities.

Union Station (In Video at 24.75 seconds)

Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building (In Video at 27 seconds)

Senate Office Buildings (In Video at 39.25 seconds)

U.S. Supreme Court (In Video at 45.75 seconds)

Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building (In Video at 51 seconds)

House Office Buildings (In Video at 55 seconds)

Ford House Office Building (In Video at 68.75 seconds)

Bartholdi Park (In Video at 76.75 seconds)

U.S. Botanic Garden and National Garden (In Video at 83.25 seconds)