Senate Office Buildings

Russell Senate Office Building (In Video at 0 seconds)

The Russell Senate Office Building opened on March 5, 1909. It was the first building erected exclusively for use of the United States Senate, providing offices for its members, hearing rooms for its committees, and work space for its support staff.

Hart Senate Office Buidling (In Video at 16.25 seconds)

Completed in 1982, the Hart Building is the newest and largest office building constructed for the U. S. Senate. It provides offices for 50 senators—half of the entire membership—as well as a large hearing room, a central atrium, a stationary room, a credit union, a garage, and other support facilities.

Dirksen Senate Office Building (In Video at 26 seconds)

In 1948 the government acquired the city block east of the Russell Building and began planning a new Senate office building. Construction finally began in 1955 and the Dirksen Senate Office Building was occupied three years later.