Hart Modernization

In 2008, the Architect of the Capitol successfully completed modular furniture installation projects in seven senator's office suites and three Senate committee rooms in the Hart Senate Office Building as part of the Hart Modular Furniture Replacement program. Approximately 40,000 square feet of room renovations included new painting, carpeting, modular furniture, and wall installation. Existing furniture in the hart Building was over 20 years old, in disrepair, and no longer manufactured, such that replacement parts could not be easily procured, making it necessary for the modular furniture installation. Modular furniture also allows for the efficient use of office space. The completion of the 10 total projects in 2008 marked the Hart Senate Office Building's 50th office renovation as part of the replacement program. Senate committee rooms are used to conduct legislative business as well as host special events by senators. Modernization projects include the installation of enhanced, up-to-date audio and visual technology capabilities, such as video conferencing. Committee rooms also required architectural custom furnishing, and infrastructure upgrades, including new carpeting, custom mill work, and draperies, as well as dais modification and refinishing. With these media enhancements and infrastructure upgrades, senators can effectively conduct legislative business.