Spandrel Reliefs

Fifty-one bronze reliefs appear on the spandrels between the windows of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. These sculptured panels are part of the overall design of the building, created by the firm Eggers & Higgins. Five subjects are featured: shipping, farming, manufacturing, mining, and lumbering. Each is represented by a stylized male figure in action: a sailor maneuvers cargo; a farmer guides a plow; a factory worker oils gears; a miner swings a pick axe; and a lumberjack chops a tree. The figurative panels are 2"x 2'' square. Believed to have been designed by Otto R. Eggers of Eggers and Higgins, they were modeled by Rochette & Parzini Corporation of New York and cast by The Flour City Ornamental Iron Company in Minnesota.