Statue Moves

The AOC oversaw the relocation of historic treasures from the Capitol to the CVC, most notably the restored plaster model of the Statue of Freedom and selected statues from the Capitol's national Statuary Hall Collection - efforts that required careful planning and skilled experts. The plaster model and statues were placed in the CVC's Emancipation Hall. The plaster model, designed and sculpted by Thomas Crawford in Rome, Italy, in 1856, was shipped to Washington, D.C., in March 1859. After the model was used to cast the bronze Statue of Freedom, it was placed on display in the capitol until its move to the Smithsonian Institution, where it remained until the mid-1960s. The model sat in storage before being moved in 1993 to the Russell Senate Office Building basement rotunda for display, until its recent relocation. Throughout the move, preservation and safety were the top priorities guiding the project, with much of the work conducted at night under leadership of the AOC's Construction Division. This process occurred from June through October 2008. Visitors may now appreciate the scale, details, and symbolism of the figure sitting atop the Capitol dome and learn about her history.