Statue of John Marshall

The bronze statue of John Marshall, the fourth (and longest-serving) Chief Justice of the United States, was unveiled on the west plaza of the Capitol on May 10, 1884. It shows Marshall seated in a relaxed, contemplative pose. His head is tilted slightly forward, and his legs are crossed beneath his long judicial robe. William Wetmore Story, the sculptor selected for the work, was the son of Justice Joseph Story, who served on the Supreme Court during Marshall's tenure. Story also designed four marble relief panels that comprised the pedestal: on the front, an identifying inscription; on the back, a wreath of laurel and oak; and on the sides, classical allegorical subjects. On November 17, 1981, the restored statue, placed on a new low base, was moved to the ground floor of the Supreme Court building. The four marble panels designed by Story have been placed in an exhibition near the statue.